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Steampunk Styling, a place to explore the wonders of Steampunk. Find Neo-Victorian costumes and accessories for Halloween, themed parties, and Cosplay events. There’s Steampunk Stationery, perfect for weddings and themed parties. We have the most popular Steampunk Jewelry, from fun costume pieces to the more bespoke, hand-made pieces. We have a great collection of Steampunk art from some really talented designers.

Steampunk Styling has lots of cool Steampunk inspired stuff. So if you’re an inquisitive beginner, a weekend pretender, or a cosplay fanatic you’re in the right place.

So step up, step in and enjoy the wonders of a Steampunk reality.

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Steampunk takes Victorian literature, fashions and lifestyle and fuses it with the Industrial Age of Steam, where technology and invention play an important role in creating a new reality. A reality based on Victorian living but with a futuristic twist.

Often referred to as Retro-futuristic, Post-apocalyptic, or Neo-Victorian, this beautiful genre is more commonly know as, Steampunk.

Steampunk Wedding Stationery

Vampire Vixen Costume

Vixen of Versailles Vampiress Costume

Vixen of Versailles Vampiress Costume

There’s always an excuse to dress up….well there should be! Whether Halloween, Fancy Dress party, Birthday, Cosplay, or just because it’s Saturday, this gorgeous costume deserves to be worn to more than just one party.

The Vixen of Versailles Vampiress Costume is beautiful and looks perfect as a Steampunk costume. The elegant Victorian style dress looks amazing and can be modified with accessories to give it a true Steampunk makeover. The baby pink dress features a corset style top, puffy bustle skirt with flowing train and wide bell sleeves. Finished off worth a fascinator top hat and plenty of lace trim.

A sophisticated Victorian Lady costume with Steampunk written all over it.

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Steampunk Floral Banner

Thinking of Having a Steampunk Wedding?

We have added to our wedding collection with some lovely new steampunk stationery. With designs featuring vintage teacups, which are perfect for a traditional afternoon tea style wedding party or an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. There’s our beautifully intricate filigree heart invitations. The heart design forms a locket with a keyhole in the center with an antique style key attached, also the background is made up of a faint damask pattern which gives added depth and texture to the design. And where would we be without some vintage airships? Our stylish flying dirigible stationery is ideal for a party in the clouds. Steampunk features all manner of flying machines, from the fun and quirky to the marvelously ingenious. Our dirigible stationery feature a vintage style airship on a textured off white background, giving it an antique or retro look.

All of the New Wedding Invitations can be personalized easily. Just customize the text to include the names, times, and details of your wedding. Available on a range of paper styles and a choice of finishes to give your invite the perfect look.

Steampunk Victorian Swirl

Steampunk Corsets

Corsets are a popular piece of Steampunk fashion. Worn by women, they shape the waist giving enhanced definition and a more curvaceous look. Traditionally worn in the Victorian era where they were the hight of fashion, and in some cases a daily piece of clothing. Now, luckily, they are more of a fashion accessory but corsets still have a sophistication and elegance that you cannot help but appreciate. Corsets come in lots of beautiful styles, colors and patterns, so you can really show of your own personality. Certainly not an essential item of Steampunk fashion but definitely a glamorous one, the corset has become one of the trademark items of clothing, and for a good reason. They are absolutely stunning.

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Steampunk Jewelry Box

Keepsakes, Trinkets and Jewelry all need a safe place to live and what better than a Steampunk Jewelry Box. Made from cold cast resign they are solid in construction and come in 5 awesome retro-futuristic designs. They look great on the bedside table, coffee table or even work desk and can be used to store all manner of precious items.

If you’re stuck for ideas of what to get for the Steampunk fan in your life then a jewelry box might make a nice present. You could fill it with special memories and loving messages and give it to a loved one as a gift.

Steampunk Floral Banner

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