HP Lovecraft Cthulhu Funko POP Action Figure

The Cthulhu action figure by Funko POP is so cool, and looks great on the side of a desk or games room table.

With the appearance of an octopus, a dragon and a caricature of human form, hundreds of meters tall; the massive creature is a pretty formidable foe. Although luckily this little model isn’t as scary as the real Cthulhu monster.

The Cthulhu action figure is a fun-sized model which measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall. The moulded wings have a detailed finish and the recognizable tentacles coming out from the face are both terrifying and undeniably cute.

A great little model perfect for collectors and lovers of the Cthulhu Mythos.

HP Lovecraft Cthulhu Action Figure

HP Lovecraft Cthulhu Action Figure Funko POP Literature

Cthulhu Action Figure
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Cthulhu is an immortal creature from outer space who comes with a nice array of superpowers, like superhuman strength, telepathy, reality manipulation, and can also fly. Based on the infamous character from the HP Lovecraft novels and first introduced in “The Call of Cthulhu”. The mythical creature is so nightmarish in appearance it is said just looking at it will make you go mad. Lurking beneath the waves in the under water city, R’lyeh, Cthulhu waits in dormant slumber.

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