Steampunk Parts

Gears, cogs, sprockets and mechanical parts play a big part in the Steampunk genre. From adding details to your clothing or costume, to creating new and exciting pieces for your cosplay character, mechanical parts are an interesting accessory and a functional work of art. And if gears are not your thing then you could always try adding some vintage keys, antique timepieces or a compass or two.

Give your costume a touch of authenticity and a bit of industrial flare with some Steampunk gears and parts. This 25 piece pack features Antique Bronze coloured gears and watch parts for adding to your Steampunk costume. These decorative Steampunk accessories are a great way to give your costume a makeover without breaking the bank. A lovely set with different sizes gears ranging from a penny to a quarter in diameter.

Steampunk Gear Accessories
Steampunk Gears Accessories

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