Steampunk Guns

So you’re dressed like a post-apocalyptic Neo-Victorian, you’re about to step in to your alternative reality and become your Steampunk alter ego, but wait, have you remembered your trusty weapon?

These Steampunk style guns are perfect for adding a bit more fun to your costume and to your party. Here you can find different styles of Steampunk guns from Western style revolver pistols to futuristic fantasy style blaster guns, there’s even a cool pirate style Blunderbuss pistol for the Navel or Pirate Steampunk fans. Not all Steampunk costumes call for a gun, some of the elegant Victorian style women and gents costumes would probably look out of place with a weapon strapped to their belt, but some of the more industrial post-apocalyptic costumes or Sky Captains would look good with a retro-futuristic weapon accessory. That said we’re all in it to have fun so if you want a cool looking gun to brandish while in full costume then who’s to stop you.

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