Steampunk Animal Necklaces

Animals have long played a part in the Steampunk genre, often depicted as industrialized or mechanical versions of themselves. Some like the Kraken, which has become the icon of Steampunk, have come from other sources relevant to the time period. Based on Victorian clothing and fashion, Steampunk mixes other aspects of the 1900s like industry, invention and technology. It’s classed as a post-apocalyptic hybrid genre. Steampunk has also taken influences from lots of other popular cultures of the time, especially literature. Since the early days of Jules Verne’s, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, Alfred Tennyson’s, The Kraken, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, The Maracot Deep, mythical creatures have both frightened and fascinated us.

These Steampunk Animal Necklaces are perfect for Steampunk cosplay events, Halloween parties, fancy dress parties and Victorian costume balls.

Steampunk Dragonfly Necklace

A detailed piece of jewelry, this Steampunk Animal necklace features an elegant dragonfly pendant. Dragonfly’s have also become popular in Steampunk fashion, and I can see why. They are naturally beautiful and unique but with an industrial or mechanical look about them, it only seems fitting to add some gears and cogs to give them a true steampunk makeover.

This Dragonfly necklace has a chunky oblong body filled with gear detailing, a long link style tail and 4 intricately designed wings. At around 3 inches from wing to wing and about 2.5 inches long it’s quite a large piece of jewelry which is perfect for a Steampunk costume.
steampunk jewelry necklace

This gorgeous Steampunk Animal Necklace features a large vintage seahorse. The body of the seahorse is brass coloured with lots of black spots from the tail to the head, which is black with a brass nose. The ridges which go down the seahorses back look just like the spine of a Dragon, making it look mythical and slightly tribal in appearance. Not your traditional type of Steampunk Animal necklace, which would usually feature some cogs, gears or sprockets, this seahorse necklace still has a industrial, grungy look which would make any Steampunk costume just that little bit more special.

Vintage Seahorse Pendant Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

This beautiful Art Deco Owl Pendant will give your Steampunk outfit some extra style. Very similar in design to Bubo, the owl in The Clash of the Titans film by Desmond Davis. The vintage brass coloured owl has big saucer shaped eyes, dimpled body, a cute beak nose, and large feathery wings which fan out from the sides making the pendant a great focal point. The distressed finish gives it an antique look which is ideal for matching to the Steampunk image, based on Neo-Victorian fashion. A fairly large piece of jewelry which is decorative, elegant and very, very stylish.

Vintage Owl Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

The mythical Kraken, from the depths of the sea is a creature which has become synonymous with Steampunk fashion. This Steampunk Animal Necklace features the giant octopus or Kraken as the centrepiece. The twisting, swirling tentacles weave between each other to form a very unique looking piece, they even have suction pads on the underside. The top 2 legs curl back on themselves to form a loop which is used to hold the chain, which I think looks better than if it was attached to the head. This gives the necklace a bit more stability when you’re wearing it and helps to prevent it from flipping over. Finished in an antique bronze colour, the necklace looks like a vintage piece, fitting perfectly with the Steampunk style

Vintage Steampunk Nautical Style Antiqued Bronze Octopus Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

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