Steampunk Animal Poster

Animals feature a lot in Steampunk living, and why wouldn’t they, they’re adorable. From dogs and cats to birds and fish, animals have been a part of our lives for years, they have a special place in our hearts. This collection of Steampunk Animal Posters celebrates the wonders of the animal kingdom in true Steampunk fashion.

Animals play an important part in a Steampunk alternative history. In the days of a Victorian past we couldn’t have imagined all the strange and interesting animals that walked the earth and swam in the oceans. Tales of terrifying creatures which lived in the deep blue sea both scared and amazed us. New and exciting discoveries brought us animals from other countries which were beyond even our wildest dreams. Certain animals feature more strongly than others, like the Octopus or Giant Squid and the Owl and Raven, but as you can see here, many other popular critters get a glorious Steampunk make-over.

These Steampunk Animal Posters are available in different sizes and paper styles so you can get the perfect match for your home.

Giraffe With Steampunk Sunglasses Goggles Poster

This retro style picture is one of my favourites. It’s simple but it looks really cool. A sepia coloured Giraffe wearing Steampunk style welding goggles sits on a plain white background. It really is a minimal design but it has maximum impact, it just looks so stylish. The benefit of something being quite minimal is that you can place it almost anywhere in the home. It’s a lovely print which would look good as a large feature piece or as a smaller print.
Giraffe With Steampunk Sunglasses Goggles Poster by The_Shirt_Yurt

Steampunk Animal Poster
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The Kraken Poster

The Kraken lurks in the depths of the ocean waiting for passing travellers to cross its path. With creeping tentacles filled with suckers, ready to pull you to your doom. The vast seas were a terrifying place to be, even without the frightening creatures.

This digital art print features a large Kraken or Giant Octopus submerged beneath the waves lying in wait for a passing ship. The Kraken looks like it’s from an alternative world, a nightmare world. Its head is covered in a psychedelic fractal effect and a colourful spiral pattern runs down each tentacle which gives it a futuristic look. A decorative frame surrounds the image which gives it added depth. The frame is made up of lots of little gears and a helix style design which gives it a modern Steampunk appearance.

steampunk animal posters
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Vintage octopi and hearts poster
steampunk animal posters

These romantic Octopuses are holding hands, or tentacles and look very much in love. Holding a bunch of bright red heart shaped balloons. The background of the poster looks like it’s from an old handwritten manuscript.
Vintage octopi and hearts poster by vintageprintstore

Kraken - Black Giant Octopus / Cthulu Print
steampunk animal posters
The ominous stare of the Giant Octopus or Kraken is enough to stop you in your tracks. Like an image from your darkest nightmares. A large Octopus sits on a plain background. It’s a very striking piece.
Kraken – Black Giant Octopus / Cthulu Print by inspirationzstore

Vintage octopus poster
steampunk animal posters

Similar in design, this poster has the terrifying Kraken glaring at you from the centre, this time the Octopus is a blood red colour which makes it even scarier. Sitting on a textured handwritten manuscript style background.
Vintage octopus poster by vintageprintstore

Jellyfish Print
steampunk animal posters

Like an alien from another planet the jellyfish looms in the deep. Looking like a terrifying Tripod from the book “The War of the Worlds”, its eyes glow in a hypnotic stare. A colourful poster which features a futuristic looking submarine and mechanical jellyfish from an alternative world.
Jellyfish Print by akimao
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Kinetic Seafood Posters
steampunk animal posters

The Biomechanical fish comes from an alternate reality, where technology and science collide bringing forth new forms of life, mechanical life. The fish, which looks like an industrial powered machine, is made up of intricate gears and parts which are beautifully pieced together. The fish sits in the centre of an off-white or light gray textured background.
Kinetic Seafood Posters by VarmintRodeo

I will bring you pain...Sir Jelly Print
steampunk animal posters

If ever there was an elegant Victorian gent of a jellyfish then this comical character is him. A cartoon style jellyfish glides across a light blue background with his trusted walking cane in his tentacles. With a top hat, monocle and handlebar moustache, he really looks like something you would see on a vintage poster. Sir Neville Insidious Jelly is the gentleman of the sea, but don’t get too close he still has a sting in his tail.
I will bring you pain…Sir Jelly Print by Nefaerieous

Steam Fish Print
steampunk animal posters

This awesome poster takes technology, invention and design to another level. The Steamfish, created for a life among the clouds. In a dystopian future where lands are parched and desolate the Steamfish navigates the lands trying to avoid the ruthless sky pirates. Built from an inventors vision, the Steamfish uses pipes and exhausts to power it along whilst billowing steam from the turrets.
Steam Fish Print by Frank_Walls

Steampunk fish posters
steampunk animal posters

This minimal looking poster actually features lots of interesting little details. The “Steampunk Fish” feels like the carcass of a machine, the incomplete skeleton waiting to be given some futuristic shell before taking to the sea or skies. The fish is coloured in a gradient effect, from an antique brass colour, through brown to black.
Steampunk fish posters by angelaook

Fish Needs A Bicycle Print
steampunk animal posters

This brilliantly quirky poster is entitled “Fish Needs a Bicycle” and I love it. Made from actual vintage art, this lovely poster has had a creative makeover. There is a large octopus which has taken up residence in a conch shell, its suckered tentacles squirming and searching for prey. The octopus is riding a vintage Penny Farthing bicycle surrounded by a shawl of eerie looking skeleton fish. A brilliant and funny take on vintage art.
Fish Needs A Bicycle Print by a_most_peculiar

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Owls have long been associated with magic, mystery and the unknown. Seen as a powerful good luck charm in some cultures and a haunting omen in others. Owls are formidable creatures, they have a certain grace and beauty which no other bird has. Owls were certainly popular throughout the Victorian era and feature quite strongly in Steampunk fashion also. One of the earliest examples of a Steampunk owl is Bubo the clockwork owl from the 1981 film Clash of the Titans.

This Steampunk animal print features a clockwork owl sitting on a branch. The background has a faint image of some gears and a large vintage style clock face showing Roman numerals.

steampunk animal posters

Raven Steampunk Print
steampunk animal posters

The Raven, one of the scariest looking birds and arguably the most intelligent, which makes them just that little bit more frightening. This eerie poster is in black and white and features a Raven sat on a tree branch. Nestled deep in the woods it has such a haunting look about it, could it be an omen.
Raven Steampunk Print by hikingviking

Clockwork Raven Posters
steampunk animal posters

The “Clockwork Raven” sits majestically in the centre of this poster. Showing the back of the Raven the beautiful feathers of the wings can be seen which transform in to a tribal style towards the ends. The head of the Raven is turned to show the powerful beak and beady eye. Lots of Steampunk gears silhouette the outside of the poster which is framed by a black border.
Clockwork Raven Posters by tigressdragon

Steel Hummingbird Print
steampunk animal posters

The Steel Humming bird mixes natural beauty with a raw industrial material and it looks good. The background is a textured off-white colour which gives the print a minimal feel. The humming bid looks like it has been cut out of the poster to reveal the cold hard steel below.
Steel Hummingbird Print by RueApothecary

Mechanical Bee: Lift-off Posters
steampunk animal posters

We need to save the bees, they are the key to the planets survival. In this alternative dystopian world we have destroyed all of the bees. As the plants wither and nature starts to die we are forced in to inventing new ways to keep our planet from dying out. The Mechanical Bee takes to the skies, a replica of its former self. The bee of the future is here in all of its mechanized beauty.
Mechanical Bee: Lift-off Posters by tanyabond

Steampunk Dragon poster
steampunk animal posters

Not all Dragons are scary, as you can see by this cute little thing. With wings outstretched the baby dragon sits on top of a gear, ready to take flight. A lovely digital art print which is modern in design. The textured background is made up of a circular gradient of black and brown which frames the dragon making it the focal point of the poster.
Steampunk Dragon poster by PeziCreation

Roswell art Print
steampunk animal posters

Follow Roswell the black and white cat on his adventures in his Hot Air Balloon. In this alternative world where nothing is quite what it seems Roswell searches for the precious Nori. His hands have been transformed and modified, they now resemble hands not unlike our own, only mechanical versions. What could a creature like this be capable of? Especially a cat!
Roswell art Print by m_c_matz

Steampunk Cat Riding A Rabbit Print
steampunk animal posters

What could be more comical than a vintage style cat wearing a hat, glasses and a moustache? If you guessed a vintage style cat wearing a hat, glasses and a moustache riding on a rabbit you would be right. A lovely poster which would suit many different design styles in the home.
Steampunk Cat Riding A Rabbit Print by FlaminCatDesigns

Steampunk cat posters
steampunk animal posters

The clockwork cat sits elegantly on a white background. Built from gears, metal and moving parts, this skeletal design shows the internal workings of the retro-futuristic feline. The tail looks like a robotic snake operated by a system of gears and links. Finished in a gradient of light brown at the head to black at the feet.
Steampunk cat posters by angelaook

Steampunk Spider on Deep Red Posters
steampunk animal posters

Built from steel and rusted gears the Steampunk Spider is both beautiful and the stuff of nightmares. The unforgettable shape of the arachnid sends shivers down most peoples spines but this mechanical spider is a retro-futuristic marvel. The spider, which sits on a deep red background, is a silvery gray colour, the insides are visible showing all of the gears and cogs.
Steampunk Spider on Deep Red Posters by JeffBartels

steampunk animal posters

This vintage Steampunk Jack Rabbit poster looks just like a Wanted poster from the Wild West era. The poster features the head and shoulders of a large Jack Rabbit which has Steampunk style modifications. With mechanical eyes, the post-apocalyptic rabbit is powered by gears and pistons, Jack the Locomotive. The images sits on a textured manuscript style background.

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Steampunk Snail Transportation Vehicle

steampunk animal posters
Steampunk Animal Poster

Steampunk Animal Poster

Machine Steed Mark1 Posters
steampunk animal posters

The futuristic Machine Steed in all of its de-constructed beauty sits on a background which looks like something Leonardo Da Vinci would sketch. A diagram of a horse with notes and ideas scribbled around the edges makes for an interesting backing. The skeleton of the animal showing the components and parts used to build it is a marvel of invention perfect for the post-apocalyptic Wild West.
Machine Steed Mark1 Posters by Weaponised

Steampunk Carousel Horse Poster
steampunk animal posters

Take the carousel ride at the Steampunk Carnival, where the rides and horses are a bit on the wild side. This colourful poster features a decorative horse which has been chained to the pole with a heart-shaped padlock. To the bottom corner there are gears and an antique horse brass.
Steampunk Carousel Horse Poster by partypeeps

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Cute Steampunk Animal Posters

This cute collection of Steampunk animal posters look adorable. There’s a Dalmatian puppy in a top hat and welding goggles sitting on top of a gear, an Owl in a top hat with large glasses perched on its beak standing on a branch, and a tiny Chihuahua sitting on a gear wearing a top hat and Steampunk style goggles.

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