Explore Neo-Victorian Flying Dirigibles with a Steampunk Airship Poster

Steampunk mixes Victorian fashion, elegance and sophistication with the raw, industrial steam era. When mechanical invention was powered by steam and driven by a necessity to create new and exciting ways to travel. In a post-apocalyptic world of fantasy and adventure, style and industry collide to create a retro-futuristic Utopia. Join the greatest inventors of the Neo-Victorian era and experience the wonders of flight.

With Hot Air Balloons, Blimps, Zeppelins, and Dirigibles of all shapes and sizes. Celebrate the future of air travel with a Steampunk Airship Poster.

Find modern digital art designs, classic vintage style prints, Victorian illustrations and lots of other beautiful posters. Printed to an extremely high standard, these poster prints would look good on any wall, especially if you’re a Steampunk fan.

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Steampunk Animal Poster

Animals feature a lot in Steampunk living, and why wouldn’t they, they’re adorable. From dogs and cats to birds and fish, animals have been a part of our lives for years, they have a special place in our hearts. This collection of Steampunk Animal Posters celebrates the wonders of the animal kingdom in true Steampunk fashion.

Animals play an important part in a Steampunk alternative history. In the days of a Victorian past we couldn’t have imagined all the strange and interesting animals that walked the earth and swam in the oceans. Tales of terrifying creatures which lived in the deep blue sea both scared and amazed us. New and exciting discoveries brought us animals from other countries which were beyond even our wildest dreams. Certain animals feature more strongly than others, like the Octopus or Giant Squid and the Owl and Raven, but as you can see here, many other popular critters get a glorious Steampunk make-over.

These Steampunk Animal Posters are available in different sizes and paper styles so you can get the perfect match for your home.

Giraffe With Steampunk Sunglasses Goggles Poster

This retro style picture is one of my favourites. It’s simple but it looks really cool. A sepia coloured Giraffe wearing Steampunk style welding goggles sits on a plain white background. It really is a minimal design but it has maximum impact, it just looks so stylish. The benefit of something being quite minimal is that you can place it almost anywhere in the home. It’s a lovely print which would look good as a large feature piece or as a smaller print.
Giraffe With Steampunk Sunglasses Goggles Poster by The_Shirt_Yurt

Steampunk Animal Poster
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Steampunk Post-Modern Neo-Victorian Fashion

Steampunk has taken the world by storm, (or steam) and is now one of the most popular trends around. With famous authors like Jules Verne, H.G Wells and Philip Pullman exploring this wonderful genre through books, and movies such as “Wild Wild West”, and “Metropolis” this post-apocalyptic trend has grown and grown.

Steampunk conventions and cosplay events are becoming far more common place too, and as the style doesn’t follow too many rules it allows fans to really get creative and express themselves. Merging the elegant sophistication of the Victorian era with the industrial steam era was a brilliant idea, and like Cyberpunk, Cyberprep and Dieselpunk, Steampunk has now become a style of its own.

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Steampunk Wedding Invitations

So you’re thinking about having a Steampunk Wedding, and who can blame you. This beautiful fashion is something which appeals to both men and women. When hosting a themed wedding there are a few things you will need, firstly lets look at invitations. Steampunk Wedding Invitations are the perfect way to invite friends, family and guests to your wedding. With lots of lovely invites to choose from, featuring designs typical of the steampunk era. Some have a traditional look, with Victorian style drawings on vintage textured paper. Others have an Art Nouveau feel, elegant scrolls, floral details and script style writing.

All steampunk wedding invitations can be personalized to include guests names, wedding dates and any other details.

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Steampunk Wedding Save the Date Invites

One of the first pieces of wedding stationery that you will send to family, friends and guests is a “Save the Date Announcement”. Save the Date announcements inform guests about your wedding, they normally feature the day, date and time. These Steampunk Wedding Save the Date Invites are postcard size which should be large enough for all wedding details.

These announcements feature typical steampunk style designs of cogs, gears, decorative text and beautiful vintage textures. Perfect for a Neo-Victorian Steampunk Wedding.

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Steampunk Wedding Save the Date Magnets

Sending a Steampunk Wedding Save the Date Magnet is a great way of informing guests about your up and coming wedding ceremony. Simply enter the wedding details on the design and send to invited guests, they can stick the magnet to their fridge as a daily reminder of your celebrations. These popular save the date magnets are a really fun way to announce your wedding.

Available in lots of cool steampunk designs, which can be personalized just how you want. Choose from different styles, colours, and sizes. By personalizing your steampunk save the date magnet you can better match it to your wedding theme, flowers or colour scheme.

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Steampunk Wedding Address Labels

So you’ve sent your Steampunk save the date announcement and you have your wedding invitation ready to post, what would make that clean white envelope look so much more special? A Steampunk Wedding Address Label you say!

And yes, you would be right.

These Steampunk Wedding Address Labels will give your invitation the extra special touch it deserves. Personalize the design with guests names and address before attaching to the front of the envelope. It’s as simple as that! Using address labels saves so much time, handwriting each invitation out separately making sure to keep writing neat and smudge-free can be stressful. These Steampunk Wedding Address labels look amazing and will finish the job in a fraction of the time. Labels are available in different sizes with multiple labels per sheet.

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Steampunk Wedding R.S.V.P Cards

A Steampunk Wedding R.S.V.P Card is the perfect companion to send along with your invitation. R.S.V.P cards allow wedding guests to respond to your request to join them in their marriage celebrations. Personalize the design to include the wedding details and the guest will return the card with either “Yes” or “No” clearly marked, you can even set a deadline to respond. The earlier you send your wedding invitations the sooner you will receive your R.S.V.P announcements, which makes them perfect for planning a wedding.

These Steampunk Wedding R.S.V.P cards are great for Victorian themed weddings and feature many of the designs typical of this genre. Cogs, gears, lockets and clocks are softened beautifully by feathers, swirls and scripted text, showing exactly why this industrial Neo-Victorian fashion is so popular.

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Steampunk Wedding Celebration Party

Here is an example of what a Steampunk Wedding can look like. This video shows the elegant Victorian themed wedding set in a beautiful country setting.

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Steampunk Notebooks

These gorgeous Steampunk notebooks come in a variety of different designs. Printed to a very high standard, these spiral bound notebooks are fun, funky and oh so Steampunky.

Steampunk notebooks are a great way to show your love of the popular Neo-Victorian style and a really cool place to keep important notes and writing, they also make for a nice gift.

This Alice in Wonderland Steampunk notebook is designed by Strangeling, a fantastic artist who has vast cornucopia of stunning artworks in her store which is always worth a look at, here. The original acrylic artwork of this piece won The Juried award in the 2008 Dragon Con Art Show. With a rather solemn looking Alice dressed in more subdued muted tones, she is set on a darker background which features an antique clock-face, gears and parts. A wonderful piece which makes for a very cool Steampunk notebook.

Filled with 80 sheets of black and white lined paper. Each notebook can be personalized, so you can add your name or other text.

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Steampunk Leather Journals

There’s something about writing in one of these Steampunk leather journals that just feels a bit more special than a traditional notebook. The look and feel of the leather adds a touch of luxury to your penmanship and the smell is just divine. With several different styles, sizes, paper types, and designs to choose from, and all of them work perfectly with the Steampunk style.

Keep your thoughts and notes safe in one of these beautiful Steampunk leather journals.

Classic Genuine Leather Notebook

Steampunk leather journal notebook

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Steampunk Costumes

Steampunk fashion is one of the most creative and innovative forms of fashion ever to exist. Based on the Victorian era from the 1900s, Steampunk takes influences from the fashion and technology available and forms its own unique style. Steampunk crosses the Victorian time period and gives it a retro futuristic look, incorporating steam and industry to create a genre based on an alternative history. A Neo-Victorian history. One might commonly see a woman dressed in a post-apocalyptic style of clothing. With a dark-brown or rusty burgundy colour billowing full dress with a corset at the top, but also sporting big, strong boots on her feet, and several bits of metal clocks or timepieces shining on her belt or worn as jewelry. Men might be seen looking a bit like old-fashioned aviators, with hats decked out with metal trim, with lots of different era-mixing looks going on at once.

Steampunk is a science fiction fantasy look, and it is gaining momentum, or steam, in the fashion world. Watch for many beautiful Steampunk fashions to show up on runways around the world in the next few years. Here you can find some of the most popular Steampunk Costumes for men and women.

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Steampunk Costumes for Men

Popular Steampunk Costumes For Men

There’s something about the sophistication of Steampunk costumes that, for me, is so appealing. With top hat and tails, waistcoat and pocket watch, it just oozes style and class. Whether you’re a Sky Captain commanding the skies in your dirigible airship or a post-apocalyptic time traveler exploring new and exciting worlds, or even a Steampunk Vampire straight from the pages of a Victorian tale, like Dracula. Your costume plays an important role in becoming your Steampunk alter ego.

Here you can find the most popular and best selling Steampunk costumes for men. Perfect for themed parties and events, Steampunk conventions, as a Halloween Trick or Treat outfit of for any fancy dress party. Featuring Gothic style Duster Jackets, Top hats and knee high leather boots, these costumes look like they have come straight from the Victorian Era.

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Steampunk Costumes for Women

Popular Steampunk Costumes For Women

The elegance of the Victorian era is really apparent in woman’s fashion. Beautiful dresses filled with flowing bustles, stunning embroidery and of course the corset, which has become a trademark look for Steampunk fashion. There is also a lot of choice and freedom in Steampunk, allowing you to modify and accessories your costume. Which is one of the cool things about it, you’re not restricted to a standard look.

Experiment with styles and characters like an elegant Victorian lady, a post-apocalyptic adventuress, a time travelling renegade, or a Steampunk pirate. Dress up in one of these beautiful Neo-Victorian Steampunk costumes. Perfect for themed parties, Halloween nights or Steampunk cosplay conventions.

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Steampunk Corsets

Popular Steampunk Corsets For Women

Corsets have been worn for hundreds of years for both fashion and medical reasons. Mostly worn by women to slim the waist and accentuate the hips and bust. Throughout Victorian times it was worn by women to support and sculpt the body in to the recognizable “hour-glass” figure. Today corsets are generally only worn for fashion purposes although some people still practice the art of corset wearing to achieve a more curvaceous figure.

Steampunk corsets for women are one definitely of the most recognized pieces of clothing in the Neo-Victorian dress style. These over-bust corsets are sure to add some extra appeal to your costume and look great when coupled with bustle skirts and leather boots. From the more feminine lace up Burlesque style corsets for the traditional at heart, to the more Medieval Gothic leather style corsets with buckles, belts and chains for the more post-apocalyptic Steampunk fan.

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Steampunk Underbust Corsets

Popular Steampunk Under-bust Corsets

There are over-bust corsets and there are under-bust corsets so depending on your style and choice we have corsets to suit. Steampunk under-bust corsets for women are sure to give your costume some extra Victorian flair. With details like clasps, buckles, zips and clips you will certainly look like you have walked out of a period drama. The ideal accessory for Halloween costumes, themed event parties, fancy dress parties or cosplay.

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