Steampunk Brooch Pin

Another great way of adding detail to your Steampunk outfit is by adding a brooch or pin. They can be attached directly to your costume or used in different ways, like, attaching to your hat, bag, belt or waistcoat. You could even use a brooch as a tie or cravat pin.

The brooch pins in this collection also have matching necklaces, so if you want to have themed jewelry then take a look at some of the other items on the site.

The classic Steampunk emblem featuring gears and wings. A large round brooch pin with gear details to the inside and Icarus style Angel wings on each side. A very traditional looking piece of Steampunk Jewelry, where the age of invention and flight have been combined to create an awesome pilot style brooch pin.

steampunk jewelry brooch pin
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This industrial looking Steampunk Brooch Pin is made up of a large key covered in gears and cogs of different sizes, shapes and styles. From the highly decorative bit to the bow, it really shows what Steampunk fashion is all about. Matching Necklace available.
Elope Large Key Gear Pin- Gray

steampunk jewelry brooch pin

Cameos are absolutely stunning, they portray an image or scene which is engraved on to the surface of objects, usually jewelry. This beautiful Cameo features a profile of a woman wearing a rose, the antique gold coloured frame is highly decorative and features a bow detail to the right with a larger topaz crystal rhinestone and a cluster of crystals to the left. It’s a costume piece of jewelry but nonetheless is a lovely looking brooch pin perfect for Steampunk.
Old Gray Tone Crystal Rhinestone Cameo Maiden Flower Ribbon Bow Pin Brooch

Steampunk Jewelry Cameo Brooch pin

Well they don’t come much more industrial looking than this beautiful Steampunk Brooch Pin. An intricately designed pin featuring lots of gears and interlocking cogs inside. The stainless steel and antique gold colouring match the style perfectly, and give more depth to the pin. Enjoy the elegance of the mechanical and wear this Steampunk with pride. Suitable for men and women with all types of Steampunk clothing.
Steampunk Lapel Pin, Bag Pin, Shirt Pin, Valentine’s Gift, Gift Box Included

steampunk jewelry brooch pin

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