Steampunk Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces can be elegant, sophisticated and delicately feminine or they can be industrial, mechanical and hard looking. Steampunk is such a versatile fashion that so many different styles can be used and incorporated into the dress. Some people wear Victorian style clothes, which might suit a more delicate choker necklace. Whereas some who dress in corsets, bustle skirts and leather boots may prefer a more post-apocalyptic looking choker.

Whichever costume you choose to wear, a Steampunk Choker Necklace is sure to give it some added style.

Steampunk Blue Crystal Choker

Jewelry Noble Lolita Ribbon Crystal Black Lace Collar Necklace

This beautiful Steampunk Choker is made up of black lace with a blue ribbon weaved through it, which is attached by a standard hinged clasp. At the centre of the choker is a large blue jeweled stone set on an antique brass coloured pendant, this has a smaller blue stone which hangs below. The colour blue is said to symbolize trust, wisdom, faith and Heaven. It also stands for truth and loyalty.
Blue Ribbon Crystal Black Lace Collar Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace
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Steampunk Lace Choker

This lovely Steampunk Choker has a wide length of decorative lace with a floral style pattern, it attaches at the back with an antique gold coloured hinged clasp. Dainty black chains hang from the choker and have a black, pearl shaped bead on the end. At the centre of the choker there is an antique gold coloured pendant which holds a large black jeweled stone. A very attractive piece which would look amazing in full Steampunk dress.
Yazilind Lolita Stone Drop Black Lace Choker Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

Steampunk Vampire Choker

A lovely looking Gothic Choker, which wouldn’t look amiss on a Neo-Victorian Steampunk costume. It has decorative black lace in a pointed style with a flower on the end of each point. A large red rhinestone jewel, set on an antique gold pendant hangs in the centre of the choker with 3 smaller jewels placed around it. Black chains loop from the centre jewel to the others in a very elegant fashion, making it a lot more eye catching. The colour red stands for, strength, courage and power and also for passion, sensuality and love.
Vintage Vampire Black Lace Choker Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

Steampunk Gothic Choker

If you’re looking for a Steampunk Choker which combines lace and chains in an elegant Neo-Victorian way, then this beautiful necklace is a great choice. The black lace has chains leading from the centre ornament out to the sides, which would look amazing if you’re wearing a corset. The antique gold coloured ornament features a large black jeweled stone, which finishes the choker off nicely.
Vintage Gothic Style Choker Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

Steampunk Art Deco Choker

An elegant Steampunk Choker Necklace which apart from the antique brass coloured pendant in the centre is all black. The lace has an Art Deco style leaf design which starts of as an outline but as it gets further towards the centre is filled in, giving the necklace more depth. A rose adorns the brass pendant and 4 black beads hang below. A popular choker which would suit a lot of Steampunk clothing styles, and being black it can be worn with many different colours too.
Black Rose Flower Lace Gothic Pendant Choker Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace
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Industrial Steampunk Choker

If you’re looking for a more industrial style Steampunk Choker Necklace then this is a great choice. A simple black velvet ribbon holds a decorative pendant filled with cogs and gears. The antique brass colour makes it look like something right from the steam era. This kind of choker would look good with any kind of Steampunk outfit, from a corset to a high neck vintage dress.

steampunk jewelry necklace
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Steampunk Gear Collar

If cogs and gears are your thing then this awesome unisex Steampunk Choker might suit you. The brown distressed leather collar has cogs and gears all around it which is perfect for the Steampunk style of dress. A buckle is at the rear which is adjustable so you can easily fit it to your size.
Steampunk Gears Brown Leather Choker

steampunk jewelry necklace

Steampunk Spike Collar

A Steampunk Choker collar with attitude. This black leather collar has gears and spikes around the outside, making for one of the most post-apocalyptic style chokers around. Suitable for both men and women, this choker collar is adjustable through a buckle which sits behind the neck.

Silver Spike Cog Steampunk Leather Choker Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace
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