Steampunk Cufflinks

Cufflinks can make a great outfit look even better. They give a certain quality that shows you have made an extra effort in your appearance and can turn a standard, plain outfit in to a stylish piece of attire. Cufflinks can be fun, exciting, sophisticated or unique, and can show someone’s personality and taste.

These Steampunk Cufflinks are absolutely gorgeous. Made from high quality material, they feature gears, cogs and even a working hourglass. Perfect for adding a touch of authenticity to a Steampunk costume, or for Gear-heads, watch enthusiasts and lovers of Steampunk fashion. These stylish cufflinks are sure to be a talking point at your next party.

This pair of Steampunk Cufflinks are unique and very, very cool. Made from high quality Stainless Steel, Tungsten and Silver, the inside of the cufflinks feature moving parts, just like the inside of a watch. Just wind up the cufflinks using the crown on the side, once wound the gears and parts on the inside move and keep moving all day. Now you don’t get that with just any pair of cufflinks! Perfect for Steampunk Costumes and Cosplay event.
Men’s Rhodium Plated Cufflinks Silver Gold Functioning Works Watch Movements in Working Condition Steampunk Vintage (with Gift Bag)

steampunk jewelry cufflinks
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A lovely pair of cufflinks which are sure to be a conversation starter at your next party. Hand-made using watch parts, the intricate detailing of the gears really shows and although the mechanism does not move, like the Steampunk cufflinks above, they are a stylish fashion accessory which will make your suit, costume or outfit look just a little bit more Steampunk. Steampunk Watch Mechanism Cufflinks

steampunk jewelry cufflinks

Do you have the time? You would if you had these funky little cuff links. Featuring a small hour glass timepiece filled with lilac coloured sand, just turn on its end to see the sand trickle to the other side. They are such a unique pair of cufflinks which would be suited to any kind of Steampunk costume, Post-apocalyptic cosplay outfit or to add some Steampunk style to your suit.
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steampunk jewelry cufflinks
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