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Steampunk Goggles give any costume a touch of vintage style. Based on the type of goggles worn by professionals and tradesmen in the Victorian period, you would normally expect welders, pilots or steam engine drivers to have used them. Goggles have become one of the most recognizable pieces of Steampunk attire, with many a costume donning these Retro-futuristic fashion accessories.

Although, within some movements of the Steampunk community they believe goggles should only be worn with specific looks, ones which are based on characters who would have worn them at the time. For example you wouldn’t necessarily have a Victorian lady or gent wearing goggles, they would be better suited to an Inventor, or a pilot of an Airship. This is certainly a valid point the genre is based on a specific time period so therefore, theoretically, should use what was available at the time, but it is also an alternative history which is open to interpretation.

That being said, I believe there are no hard and fast rules for having fun and enjoying yourself, so if you feel your costume needs a pair of goggles, or you just love em so much that you have to have a pair, (and who can blame you) then why not add one of the coolest looking accessories to your costume this year. Some of these goggles are in the style of the 1900s version but with an industrial look, others have been modified to look like some eccentric time-travelling inventors spectacles. A great accessory for giving your Steampunk costume a more authentic look.

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