Steampunk Hats for Men

Popular Steampunk Hats For Men

Steampunk hats for men, sophisticated headgear you would expect a gentleman of the Victorian era to wear. Top Hats are one of the most recognizable fashion items for men of this period, wearing one showed status as they were an expensive item of clothing. Top Hats needed to be taken care of properly, regular brushing was needed to keep it looking in tip top condition. Nowadays though things are slightly different. Firstly, we unfortunately don’t have many opportunities of donning the regal piece of headgear, which does feel good, secondly they are much more affordable, which is a good thing.

This collection of top hats has some in the more traditional Victorian style and a couple fashioned in Steampunk style, with detailing like cogs, gears and chains, to give a post-modern industrial look. The perfect accessory to complete your Steampunk costume or cosplay character, and with Top hats, Derby and Bell Topper hats you’re sure to find one that’s a match.

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