Steampunk Gear Necklaces

Cogs and Gears have become synonymous with the Steampunk image. Steampunk fuses elegant Victorian fashion with the raw power of the steam industry, to create the Neo-Victorian genre called Steampunk.

These Steampunk gear necklaces are everything you would expect from this post-apocalyptic era. With pieces which look like the inner workings of a clock, pure mechanical beauty. A great way to add some extra finishing touches to your steampunk costume or cosplay outfit.

If you’re looking for an industrial looking piece of jewelry then this Steampunk Gear Necklace might be what you’re after. The chain consists of linked gears in different shapes, sizes and colours including steel, antique bronze, silver and gold. These are attached to one another to form an elegant, if slightly mechanical looking piece of jewelry. A well made necklace which would suit all kinds of Steampunk costume but would look absolutely amazing with a corset style top. Show your love of the Neo-Victorian era with this Steampunk gear necklace.

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Industrial Steampunk Necklace

This vintage style Steampunk Key Necklace is covered in lots of tiny cogs and gears, from the bit to the extremely decorative bow. It is not a heavy duty necklace which would stand up to daily use, but more for adding a touch of authenticity to a Halloween outfit or Steampunk cosplay costume. Being costume jewelry the actual key is quite large but when you’re dressing up for a party you want people to be able to see it.
Steampunk Large Key Necklace

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This beautiful Steampunk Gear Necklace screams sophistication, in the Neo-Victorian sense. A central pendant consists of a brass coloured circle of metal covered in gears, a set of 3 silvery gears hang below giving the necklace added depth. A cascade of chains and beads lead from the sides of the pendant to a succession of gears further up the necklace. This kind of necklace would suit both the open neck corset or high collared Victorian style dress.
Steampunk Gear Chain Antique Necklace

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If you’re looking for a simpler piece of costume jewelry then this Steampunk Gear Necklace is a great choice. Featuring the same decorative pendant design as the larger antique necklace but without the additional adornments. The pendant is brass coloured with a round centre and pretty swirl pattern around the outside. There are little gears on the inside of the circle and 3 silver coloured gears which dangle below. The pendant is attached to a length of chain and finished off with a gear clasp. Ideal for Steampunk cosplay events, fancy dress parties and Halloween costumes.
Steampunk Antique Butterfly Gear Necklace

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