Steampunk Heart Necklaces

Hearts symbolize friendship, caring, attraction, sensuality, femininity, and of course love. Heart jewelry has long been exchanged between loved ones, the wearer adorning themselves with the heart of the one they love, and the one who loves them.

These steampunk heart necklaces merge the elegant heart shape we all know and love with the industrial glamour of a vintage era, perfect for a Steampunk party. It’s also a great way to add some extra bling to your outfit.

This Steampunk Heart Necklace features a beautiful red stone in the centre of the pendant, which is framed by a pair of angel wings in the shape of a heart. The vintage bronze colour gives the necklace the look of a real piece of period jewelry.
Retro Vintage Heart Angel Wing Pendant Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

This glow in the dark Steampunk Heart Pendant will give your outfit a magical glow. The handmade pendant features an opening locket, the front of which is patterned with an intricate cut out design which allows the light to show through. A pretty piece of jewelry that can be worn anytime but which really comes to life in the hours of darkness.
Steampunk Fairy Magical Fairy Glow in the Dark Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

This stunning Steampunk Heart Necklace comes in an antique brass finish, perfect for Victorian style dress. The flourish style locket opens to reveal a beautiful heart shaped timepiece which has the standard 12 hour as well as 24 hour clock face. You will find a detailed floral pattern on the reverse of the pendant and the word “Love” engraved along the side. A highly decorative piece of jewelry which would give any Steampunk costume an extra touch of elegance.
Bronze Heart Steampunk Pocket Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace
Steampunk Floral Banner