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Gears, cogs, sprockets and mechanical parts play a big part in the Steampunk genre. From adding details to your clothing or costume, to creating new and exciting pieces for your cosplay character, mechanical parts are an interesting accessory and a functional work of art. And if gears are not your thing then you could always try adding some vintage keys, antique timepieces or a compass or two.

Give your costume a touch of authenticity and a bit of industrial flare with some Steampunk gears and parts. This 25 piece pack features Antique Bronze coloured gears and watch parts for adding to your Steampunk costume. These decorative Steampunk accessories are a great way to give your costume a makeover without breaking the bank. A lovely set with different sizes gears ranging from a penny to a quarter in diameter.

Steampunk Gear Accessories
Steampunk Gears Accessories

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Steampunk Antique Keys

Keys are a great way to add some extra Victorian detail to your costume. Not only do they look good but keys have always had a deeper meaning, where the one who holds the key, holds the secret. What does the key open? Where will it lead? What shall we discover? Only you will know.

This mixed bag of 10 decorative metal keys is perfect for using with your Steampunk costume, you can attach them to your hat, bag, waistcoat, dress or any other type of clothing giving a cool Steampunk makeover. These vintage looking keys can also be used to decorate Steampunk accessories like brooches, parasols, goggles and jewelry. With a selection of different sizes and design of key you can choose from the highly decorative to the more traditional antique style key.

Steampunk Bag of Gears

Steampunk Bag of Gears

Steampunk Gears

A bag of Steampunk Gears. Perfect for adding details to your Steampunk costume or your Cosplay character. Easily glue or sew the gears on to clothing and accessories to create an alter ego of your very own imagination.

You get a nice selection of gears in the bag, with some pretty decorative ones and some a bit more industrial looking. In several different colours like Antique Brass and Vintage Steel, which makes them look a lot more traditional than some modern styles.

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This 12 pack of metal sprocket gears is perfect for all aspects of Steampunk cosplay and costuming. Attach to your hat, bag, boots or dress, you can even sew them on your waistcoat or jacket. This pack of gears features 4 gears of different sizes and styles finished in 3 different colours like, Antique Silver, Copper and Gold. Complete your post-apocalyptic look with a bag of Steampunk gears.
Metal Sprocket Gears by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, 12 per Pack, Various Sizes, Antique Finishes, TH92691

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Time plays an integral role in the Steampunk movement, as something precious, something to be appreciated and celebrated. It was also when the wonders of time travel was explored through literature like, “The Time Machine” by H.G Wells. This pack of clock faces is a great way to embellish your Steampunk costume with a stylish reminder of the importance of time. The pack has 5 clock faces of different sizes finished in 3 different colors, Brass, Copper and Nickel. Just thread, stitch or glue the clock faces on to your Steampunk costume and accessories.
Metal Timepieces by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, 5 per Pack, Various Sizes, Antique Finishes, TH92831

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Navigation and Nautical themes also play an important role in Steampunk living. Jules Verne’s, 20,000 leagues under the Sea, helped to define the genre with the fearless anti-hero, Captain Nemo exploring the sea in the infamous submarine, Nautilus. These nautical compass face coins can add some extra maritime style to your costume. Imagine you’re a Navel Captain taking to the sea for the adventure of a lifetime, or a bloodthirsty Steampunk Pirate sailing the ocean plundering and pillaging. Whatever your character you wouldn’t sail the seas without a trusty compass. This 4 pack of compass faces can be glued or sewn to your costume or any of your Steampunk accessories.
Compass Coins by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, Pack of 4, Assorted Finishes, TH93061

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Metal Mini Gears

This 12 pack of gears has 4 gears of different sizes in Copper, Brass and Nickel colours. Perfect for Steampunk costumes, accessories and projects. The gears can easily be attached by sewing or gluing, you could even thread cotton through the centre and attach a button or smaller gear to secure it in place. Whatever you’re accessorizing gears will certainly give it more of an industrial look, they can make a standard off-the-rail costume look unique and one of a kind in no time at all. From costumes to boots, weapons to phone cases, these gears can be used to modify, enhance and transform everyday items in to Steampunk masterpieces ready for your next fancy dress party or Steampunk cosplay event.
Metal Mini Gears by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, 12 per Pack, Various Sizes, Antique Finishes, TH93012

steampunk costume accessories
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Alice in Wonderland Steampunk Charms

Alice in Wonderland has become a popular style of dress within the Steampunk style. The costumes work brilliantly with the fashion and look absolutely stunning when given a Steampunk makeover. The story is beautiful, it’s a magical journey into an alternative reality, where everything is not what it seems. The reader is transported in to a mysterious world with amazing creatures and fantasy lands, in a roller coaster of literary genius. Written in 1865, it has captivated hearts young and old and is still one of the most popular stories ever written. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is set in a Victorian fantasy world where it seems anything is possible, even in your dreams.

This gorgeous little charm set features things you would find in the pages of a Lewis Carroll novel. With teapots, keys, cute “Drink Me” bottles and even the white rabbit. Perfect for making your own pendants or jewelry, or you can attach them to your costume, hat or bag. Alice in Wonderland weddings and Steampunk weddings are becoming a popular theme to get married to, these lovely charms can be used as table decorations, they’re a nice alternative to the traditional style of wedding decoration but still look elegant and sophisticated.

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What is Steampunk

Steampunk roots go back a fairly long way, although the term “Steampunk” was only coined in the 1980s. Based on the 19th century Victorian era, it’s an alternative future which draws from Steam technology and industry available at the time. In these times people dreamt of a bigger, brighter future where the marvels of invention would change the world for the better. Steampunk was further explored in the 1950s and 1960s through certain aspects of literature, film, science, fashion and popular culture. Steampunk is a exploratory genre, one which encourages the creative, but just like other genres, like, Superhero, Star Trek or Star Wars it does have certain guidelines.

Take a look at this brilliant video/song about Steampunk, what it is, and where it is from. Above all we are all here to have fun, and that’s what cosplay and Steampunk is all about.

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