Steampunk Costumes for Women

Popular Steampunk Costumes For Women

The elegance of the Victorian era is really apparent in woman’s fashion. Beautiful dresses filled with flowing bustles, stunning embroidery and of course the corset, which has become a trademark look for Steampunk fashion. There is also a lot of choice and freedom in Steampunk, allowing you to modify and accessories your costume. Which is one of the cool things about it, you’re not restricted to a standard look.

Experiment with styles and characters like an elegant Victorian lady, a post-apocalyptic adventuress, a time travelling renegade, or a Steampunk pirate. Dress up in one of these beautiful Neo-Victorian Steampunk costumes. Perfect for themed parties, Halloween nights or Steampunk cosplay conventions.

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Steampunk Corsets

Popular Steampunk Corsets For Women

Corsets have been worn for hundreds of years for both fashion and medical reasons. Mostly worn by women to slim the waist and accentuate the hips and bust. Throughout Victorian times it was worn by women to support and sculpt the body in to the recognizable “hour-glass” figure. Today corsets are generally only worn for fashion purposes although some people still practice the art of corset wearing to achieve a more curvaceous figure.

Steampunk corsets for women are one definitely of the most recognized pieces of clothing in the Neo-Victorian dress style. These over-bust corsets are sure to add some extra appeal to your costume and look great when coupled with bustle skirts and leather boots. From the more feminine lace up Burlesque style corsets for the traditional at heart, to the more Medieval Gothic leather style corsets with buckles, belts and chains for the more post-apocalyptic Steampunk fan.

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Steampunk Underbust Corsets

Popular Steampunk Under-bust Corsets

There are over-bust corsets and there are under-bust corsets so depending on your style and choice we have corsets to suit. Steampunk under-bust corsets for women are sure to give your costume some extra Victorian flair. With details like clasps, buckles, zips and clips you will certainly look like you have walked out of a period drama. The ideal accessory for Halloween costumes, themed event parties, fancy dress parties or cosplay.

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Vixen of Versailles Vampiress Costume

This gorgeous costume is called the Vixen of Versailles Vampiress Costume and is one of the nicest costumes I’ve seen. The pale pink dress looks just like a Victorian Steampunk style costume, complete with a corset style top, short bustle skirt and lace trimmings. There’s even a brocade hat with bow and ostrich plume feather to complete the look…..Stylish!

A stunning costume which would be perfect for a Steampunk costume party, themed fancy dress party, Halloween, Cosplay or a Victorian masquerade ball.

Vixen of Versailles Vampiress Costume

See All Vixen of Versailles Vampiress Costumes

Vampire Vixen Costume

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Steampunk Hats for Men

Popular Steampunk Hats For Men

Steampunk hats for men, sophisticated headgear you would expect a gentleman of the Victorian era to wear. Top Hats are one of the most recognizable fashion items for men of this period, wearing one showed status as they were an expensive item of clothing. Top Hats needed to be taken care of properly, regular brushing was needed to keep it looking in tip top condition. Nowadays though things are slightly different. Firstly, we unfortunately don’t have many opportunities of donning the regal piece of headgear, which does feel good, secondly they are much more affordable, which is a good thing.

This collection of top hats has some in the more traditional Victorian style and a couple fashioned in Steampunk style, with detailing like cogs, gears and chains, to give a post-modern industrial look. The perfect accessory to complete your Steampunk costume or cosplay character, and with Top hats, Derby and Bell Topper hats you’re sure to find one that’s a match.

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Steampunk Hats for Women

Popular Steampunk Hats For Women

Dressing up is fun, you can be whoever you want to be. You could always become someone like Wonder Woman, a Princess or Cat Woman, or any of the other typical characters we know and love, or you could create your own character. What is so amazing about the Steampunk culture is you can create and become a persona based only on your own limitations. With so many beautiful styles of costume and all of the wonderful accessories on offer, it’s easy to style your own costume. And you can be yourself, without having to conform to the same old stereotypes and clichéd costumes.

Be the Belle of the Ball in one of these elegant Steampunk hats for Women. With mini bowler hats, elegant fascinators, cute mini top hats and Cadet hats, you’re spoilt for choice. But hey, they’re so small you could have one of each and still have room for more. The perfect finishing accessory to go with your Steampunk outfit, glamorous enough to be worn with long flowing bustle dresses and cute enough to compliment short skirts, a corset and knee-highs. Give your costume a taste of authentic Victorian style with one of these Steampunk hats for women.

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Steampunk Goggles

Popular Steampunk Goggles

Steampunk Goggles give any costume a touch of vintage style. Based on the type of goggles worn by professionals and tradesmen in the Victorian period, you would normally expect welders, pilots or steam engine drivers to have used them. Goggles have become one of the most recognizable pieces of Steampunk attire, with many a costume donning these Retro-futuristic fashion accessories.

Although, within some movements of the Steampunk community they believe goggles should only be worn with specific looks, ones which are based on characters who would have worn them at the time. For example you wouldn’t necessarily have a Victorian lady or gent wearing goggles, they would be better suited to an Inventor, or a pilot of an Airship. This is certainly a valid point the genre is based on a specific time period so therefore, theoretically, should use what was available at the time, but it is also an alternative history which is open to interpretation.

That being said, I believe there are no hard and fast rules for having fun and enjoying yourself, so if you feel your costume needs a pair of goggles, or you just love em so much that you have to have a pair, (and who can blame you) then why not add one of the coolest looking accessories to your costume this year. Some of these goggles are in the style of the 1900s version but with an industrial look, others have been modified to look like some eccentric time-travelling inventors spectacles. A great accessory for giving your Steampunk costume a more authentic look.

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Steampunk Shoes for Men

Popular Steampunk Shoes & Boots For Men
So, you have your costume, you’ve got your Top Hat and you’re starting to look like a true Steampunk Gent, what’s next? Footwear. Shoes or Boots tell a lot about a person, it’s true of life and it’s true in costumes. You could always wear Boot Toppers or Boot Covers which are normally worn with costumes, (they cover your regular shoes), and while they do the job they can be cheap, low quality and for only one use. If you’re serious about costuming then there is only one way to go, and that’s by spending a bit more for something which will not only look more authentic but will last a lot longer, it just makes sense.

These Men’s Steampunk boots will help to give your costume more of a Post-apocalyptic look, with cogs, gears, chains and buckles which you so regularly see in Steampunk fashion. You can choose from leather biker style boots to a more military combat boot, and even Pirate boots, perfect for a Sky Captain or Steampunk Pirate. Whatever your Steampunk costume looks like you’re sure to find a pair of boots which should fit your Steampunk persona.

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Steampunk Shoes for Women

Popular Steampunk Shoes & Boots For Women

Shoes are sometimes part of the outfit which gets forgotten about, with people spending so much time, money and effort on their costume that there is little left for the footwear. Often settling for their faithful black heels, favourite boots or comfy trainers. And what woman could go to a costume party dressed in her finest robes without one of the most important parts of the outfit looking just as good? With Steampunk style there is just as much emphasis on the footwear as there is on the corsets or bustle skirts, and with so much choice it’s not hard to add another pair to the collection.

These Steampunk shoes for women feature leather knee-high boots, ankle boots, platforms to die for, and going out pumps you should find the perfect fit for your Steampunk costume.

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Steampunk Bags

So you’re dressed in your Steampunk costume, you’ve got your hat, goggles, boots and even some jewelry all you need now is a bag to complete the look, and lets face it not just any bag will do especially with such gorgeous Steampunk bags like these.

With waist-packs, backpacks, shoulder and handbags so you can give your character the perfect look. These versatile bags are great to wear with any kind of Steampunk costume, like traditional Neo-Victorian, Wild West style, or even a gritty retro-futuristic look. Like the waist pack opposite which has an industrial wild west style design but would look good with any Steampunk outfit.

Steampunk messenger bag

Steampunk Bag waist

steampunk accessories banner

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Steampunk Jewelry

Jewelry has long been associated with status, with decoration and with expression. The wearer adorning themselves with their favourite necklaces, earrings, watches and broach pins.

Steampunk is no different, in fact style plays a very important role in the whole image of Steampunk. Crossing the elegance and glamour of the 1900s, the Victorian era, with the Industrial, steam era has created some really interesting fashion statements.

Your Steampunk character might like wearing something delicate and feminine like some of the lace choker necklaces, or it might like something a bit more industrial, post-apocalyptic looking like some of the pendant necklaces or earrings. Steampunk fashion is extremely versatile allowing people to get creative and explore different styles and ways to dress.

This Steampunk Jewelry is sure to add some extra glamour to your outfit.

Steampunk Lace Choker

A beautiful Steampunk Choker Necklace made from black lace and stunning red jeweled stones. With a Gothic look about it, this choker would suit all styles of Steampunk clothing from corsets to high collar Victorian dresses. Featuring 3 jewels on the collar and one larger one which hangs below, each of the jewels have a chain which joins them, making an elegant if slightly Vampish piece of jewelry.
Yazilind Jewelry Lace Collar Necklace

steampunk jewelry

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Steampunk Wing Necklaces

Steampunk comes from the Victorian era of invention, an age where flight and fantasy collided and an exploration of the skies had begun. Flight in all of its fancy is a large part of the Steampunk genre. In a time where industry thrived, machines were created to give us the powered flight that we dreamed of. Flight gave us a way to explore, to travel and to escape the real world. Flying through the sky in a powered dirigible was the next big thing.

Steampunk uses the wings as a symbol of this freedom, of the industrial movement, and as the means to explore the new and exciting, and it has incorporated them in to certain aspects of its fashion. You can find the Icarus style wings, or Angel wings, in lots of the artwork, clothing and jewelry. These Steampunk Winged Necklaces could be the perfect for accessory for your Steampunk costume.

Steampunk Flying-ball Necklace

The legendary Flying Ball Necklace. Angel wings or Icarus wings are a recognizable feature in Steampunk fashion and can be seen on many costumes, from Sky Captain to Steam Pirate to Time Travelling Inventor, all look good in this timeless piece of jewelry. This lovely necklace is an antique gold colour, it has 2 silver coloured Icarus style Angel wings above the clasp. The flying ball necklace opens to reveal a hidden timepiece inside.

This battery operated watch features a 12 hour dial and measures approximately 3.6 by 2.2 by 1.2 inches and weighs around 0.8 ounces.

steampunk jewelry
Victorian Swirl Divider Banner
Legendary OWL Style Flying ball necklace Steampunk pocket watch

This highly decorative Flying Snitch Necklace features an owl face to the front of the locket, which opens to reveal a hidden watch. With detailed patterns around the border, floral print on the reverse and the trademark Icarus style wings to the top this really is a nice piece of jewelry, which would suit almost all Steampunk costumes.

Golden snitch OWL Style Flying ball necklace

Steampunk Owl Necklace

This Winged Pendant is made from stainless steel and measures around 2 inches long. With the traditional Icarus style wing which has become synonymous with Steampunk fashion and shows the love of flight, invention and freedom.

Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace Silver Feather Angel Wing

steampunk jewelry

Cogs and gears have played a major part in Steampunk fashion since its creation. This Steampunk Necklace features a round pendant in the centre with numbers 1 through 31 around the outside of the pendant, this symbolizes the days of the month. Made from pewter which gives the necklace a raw, industrial look which is perfect for Steampunk. There are gears inside of the pendant, 2 of which are gold coloured. You will find 2 Icarus style Angel wings on either side of the pendant in true Steampunk style.
Steampunk Style TIME FLIES Two Tone Pendant Necklace

steampunk jewelry
Victorian Swirl Divider Banner

This Steampunk Angel Wing Necklace consists of a simple leather strap to which the pendant is attached, it looks just like a post-apocalyptic piece of jewelry. There are a number of different funky pendants attached to the strap. You’ll find a tag engraved with a quote, 2 rings stamped with a simple pattern, a plain cross, and the traditional trademark Icarus wing normally associated with steampunk fashion.
Genuine Leather Angel Wing Cross Pendant Necklace

steampunk jewelry

This Steampunk Winged Necklace is made from sterling silver and features 2 Icarus style Angel wings which are folded to form the shape of a heart. A lovely necklace which could symbolize love, friendship, trust and companionship and would make a great gift for a loved one, especially a loved one who likes Steampunk. The winged pendant comes with a thick snake style chain.
Celtic Feather Angel Heart Wings Pendant Necklace

steampunk jewelry

A very minimal yet extremely stylish Steampunk Winged Necklace. Some would say it’s too glamorous to be a Steampunk necklace, that it doesn’t have enough of an industrial look about it, I feel it’s up to the wearer and as many Steampunk costumes are different it’s nice to have the choice on which jewelry fits best. A delicate necklace which is sure to add a touch of elegance to your Neo-Victorian outfit.
Sterling Silver Angel Wing Drop Pendant Necklace

steampunk jewelry

Steampunk Floral Banner

Steampunk Gear Necklaces

Cogs and Gears have become synonymous with the Steampunk image. Steampunk fuses elegant Victorian fashion with the raw power of the steam industry, to create the Neo-Victorian genre called Steampunk.

These Steampunk gear necklaces are everything you would expect from this post-apocalyptic era. With pieces which look like the inner workings of a clock, pure mechanical beauty. A great way to add some extra finishing touches to your steampunk costume or cosplay outfit.

If you’re looking for an industrial looking piece of jewelry then this Steampunk Gear Necklace might be what you’re after. The chain consists of linked gears in different shapes, sizes and colours including steel, antique bronze, silver and gold. These are attached to one another to form an elegant, if slightly mechanical looking piece of jewelry. A well made necklace which would suit all kinds of Steampunk costume but would look absolutely amazing with a corset style top. Show your love of the Neo-Victorian era with this Steampunk gear necklace.

steampunk jewelry
Victorian Swirl Divider Banner

Industrial Steampunk Necklace

This vintage style Steampunk Key Necklace is covered in lots of tiny cogs and gears, from the bit to the extremely decorative bow. It is not a heavy duty necklace which would stand up to daily use, but more for adding a touch of authenticity to a Halloween outfit or Steampunk cosplay costume. Being costume jewelry the actual key is quite large but when you’re dressing up for a party you want people to be able to see it.
Steampunk Large Key Necklace

steampunk jewelry

This beautiful Steampunk Gear Necklace screams sophistication, in the Neo-Victorian sense. A central pendant consists of a brass coloured circle of metal covered in gears, a set of 3 silvery gears hang below giving the necklace added depth. A cascade of chains and beads lead from the sides of the pendant to a succession of gears further up the necklace. This kind of necklace would suit both the open neck corset or high collared Victorian style dress.
Steampunk Gear Chain Antique Necklace

steampunk jewelry

If you’re looking for a simpler piece of costume jewelry then this Steampunk Gear Necklace is a great choice. Featuring the same decorative pendant design as the larger antique necklace but without the additional adornments. The pendant is brass coloured with a round centre and pretty swirl pattern around the outside. There are little gears on the inside of the circle and 3 silver coloured gears which dangle below. The pendant is attached to a length of chain and finished off with a gear clasp. Ideal for Steampunk cosplay events, fancy dress parties and Halloween costumes.
Steampunk Antique Butterfly Gear Necklace

steampunk jewelry

Steampunk Floral Banner

Steampunk Animal Necklaces

Animals have long played a part in the Steampunk genre, often depicted as industrialized or mechanical versions of themselves. Some like the Kraken, which has become the icon of Steampunk, have come from other sources relevant to the time period. Based on Victorian clothing and fashion, Steampunk mixes other aspects of the 1900s like industry, invention and technology. It’s classed as a post-apocalyptic hybrid genre. Steampunk has also taken influences from lots of other popular cultures of the time, especially literature. Since the early days of Jules Verne’s, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, Alfred Tennyson’s, The Kraken, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, The Maracot Deep, mythical creatures have both frightened and fascinated us.

These Steampunk Animal Necklaces are perfect for Steampunk cosplay events, Halloween parties, fancy dress parties and Victorian costume balls.

Steampunk Dragonfly Necklace

A detailed piece of jewelry, this Steampunk Animal necklace features an elegant dragonfly pendant. Dragonfly’s have also become popular in Steampunk fashion, and I can see why. They are naturally beautiful and unique but with an industrial or mechanical look about them, it only seems fitting to add some gears and cogs to give them a true steampunk makeover.

This Dragonfly necklace has a chunky oblong body filled with gear detailing, a long link style tail and 4 intricately designed wings. At around 3 inches from wing to wing and about 2.5 inches long it’s quite a large piece of jewelry which is perfect for a Steampunk costume.
steampunk jewelry necklace

This gorgeous Steampunk Animal Necklace features a large vintage seahorse. The body of the seahorse is brass coloured with lots of black spots from the tail to the head, which is black with a brass nose. The ridges which go down the seahorses back look just like the spine of a Dragon, making it look mythical and slightly tribal in appearance. Not your traditional type of Steampunk Animal necklace, which would usually feature some cogs, gears or sprockets, this seahorse necklace still has a industrial, grungy look which would make any Steampunk costume just that little bit more special.

Vintage Seahorse Pendant Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

This beautiful Art Deco Owl Pendant will give your Steampunk outfit some extra style. Very similar in design to Bubo, the owl in The Clash of the Titans film by Desmond Davis. The vintage brass coloured owl has big saucer shaped eyes, dimpled body, a cute beak nose, and large feathery wings which fan out from the sides making the pendant a great focal point. The distressed finish gives it an antique look which is ideal for matching to the Steampunk image, based on Neo-Victorian fashion. A fairly large piece of jewelry which is decorative, elegant and very, very stylish.

Vintage Owl Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

The mythical Kraken, from the depths of the sea is a creature which has become synonymous with Steampunk fashion. This Steampunk Animal Necklace features the giant octopus or Kraken as the centrepiece. The twisting, swirling tentacles weave between each other to form a very unique looking piece, they even have suction pads on the underside. The top 2 legs curl back on themselves to form a loop which is used to hold the chain, which I think looks better than if it was attached to the head. This gives the necklace a bit more stability when you’re wearing it and helps to prevent it from flipping over. Finished in an antique bronze colour, the necklace looks like a vintage piece, fitting perfectly with the Steampunk style

Vintage Steampunk Nautical Style Antiqued Bronze Octopus Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

Steampunk Heart Necklaces

Hearts symbolize friendship, caring, attraction, sensuality, femininity, and of course love. Heart jewelry has long been exchanged between loved ones, the wearer adorning themselves with the heart of the one they love, and the one who loves them.

These steampunk heart necklaces merge the elegant heart shape we all know and love with the industrial glamour of a vintage era, perfect for a Steampunk party. It’s also a great way to add some extra bling to your outfit.

This Steampunk Heart Necklace features a beautiful red stone in the centre of the pendant, which is framed by a pair of angel wings in the shape of a heart. The vintage bronze colour gives the necklace the look of a real piece of period jewelry.
Retro Vintage Heart Angel Wing Pendant Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

This glow in the dark Steampunk Heart Pendant will give your outfit a magical glow. The handmade pendant features an opening locket, the front of which is patterned with an intricate cut out design which allows the light to show through. A pretty piece of jewelry that can be worn anytime but which really comes to life in the hours of darkness.
Steampunk Fairy Magical Fairy Glow in the Dark Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace

This stunning Steampunk Heart Necklace comes in an antique brass finish, perfect for Victorian style dress. The flourish style locket opens to reveal a beautiful heart shaped timepiece which has the standard 12 hour as well as 24 hour clock face. You will find a detailed floral pattern on the reverse of the pendant and the word “Love” engraved along the side. A highly decorative piece of jewelry which would give any Steampunk costume an extra touch of elegance.
Bronze Heart Steampunk Pocket Necklace

steampunk jewelry necklace
Steampunk Floral Banner