Steampunk Post-Modern Neo-Victorian Fashion

Steampunk has taken the world by storm, (or steam) and is now one of the most popular trends around. With famous authors like Jules Verne, H.G Wells and Philip Pullman exploring this wonderful genre through books, and movies such as “Wild Wild West”, and “Metropolis” this post-apocalyptic trend has grown and grown.

Steampunk conventions and cosplay events are becoming far more common place too, and as the style doesn’t follow too many rules it allows fans to really get creative and express themselves. Merging the elegant sophistication of the Victorian era with the industrial steam era was a brilliant idea, and like Cyberpunk, Cyberprep and Dieselpunk, Steampunk has now become a style of its own.

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Steampunk Wedding Stationery

Steampunk Weddings have been on the increase as well, with more and more couples turning to this beautiful Neo-Victorian theme to celebrate their marriage. Vintage style bustle dresses, corsets, boots and fascinators for women and waistcoats, top hats and duster jackets for men. And of course a pocket watch wouldn’t look amiss. These recognizable fashions are topped off with cogs, gears, lace and trim to give the unmistakable Steampunk style we all know and love.

Oh yes, Steampunk Weddings are a glamorous affair, the wedding party has a stylish formality reminiscent of the Victorian era, and aside from the industrial theme which flows through it one would be convinced it was a celebration right out of the 1900’s. If you’re planning a Steampunk inspired wedding then you will probably be looking for some Steampunk Wedding Stationery. Here you can find Steampunk Wedding Invitations, Save the Date Announcements, R.S.V.P, Address Labels, and more.

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