The Time Machine by H.G Wells

The Time Machine by H.G Wells is one of those classics which has influenced so many other stories, films and TV shows it’s hard to think of life without it.

Set around the books protagonist, the time traveller, who recounts his adventures to his eagerly awaiting dinner guests. Having invented and built his very own time machine the time traveller sets off to explore new and exciting times, but what he finds is enough to turn his hair white.

A definitive classic, which although being penned in 1895 is still as valuable today as it ever was. It deals with a lot of the issues, ethics and morals we face today with regards to time travel and space exploration by looking at the importance of time travel, the impact it could have, and what we could stand to learn if we ever had the ability. Just because we can do something doesn’t always mean that we should.

The Time Machine by H.G Wells is a fantastic book which definitely deserves a place in anyone’s bookcase.

The Time Machine by H.G.Wells

The Time Machine by H.G.Wells

The Time Machine

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The Time Machine – A Popular Story

The story is as popular now as it’s ever been, with many adaptations for both TV and film, there have also been multiple radio broadcasts, comic books and derivative works. For a novel considered as one of the earliest works of science fiction and the first on time travel, it touches on topics like sociology, philosophy, human interaction between each other and the world, symbology, and Eschatology, which is no mean feat.

The Time Machine by H.G Wells is a story filled with thrills and excitement but underneath all of the action and adventure it takes a realistic look at how we ourselves might act if it was us as the time traveller.

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