Vixen of Versailles Vampiress Costume

This gorgeous costume is called the Vixen of Versailles Vampiress Costume and is one of the nicest costumes I’ve seen. The pale pink dress looks just like a Victorian Steampunk style costume, complete with a corset style top, short bustle skirt and lace trimmings. There’s even a brocade hat with bow and ostrich plume feather to complete the look…..Stylish!

A stunning costume which would be perfect for a Steampunk costume party, themed fancy dress party, Halloween, Cosplay or a Victorian masquerade ball.

Vixen of Versailles Vampiress Costume

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Vampire Vixen Costume

This stunning costume really is a party show stopper. The costume consists of a pink and white ruffled bustle skirt with satin underskirt and tulle petticoat, which gives the skirt a lovely puffy appearance. The top of the dress is a corset style bodice covered in lace and frills with beautiful wide bell sleeves which give the costume a traditional, if slightly Regal look. The dress has a layered, lace-hemmed train attached which adds an extra touch of sophistication and elegance, especially with the big pink satin bow on the back. You also get a mini fascinator style top hat complete with baby pink ostrich feather and filigree style pattern. A beautiful costume which would look good for all kinds of fancy dress party, like Halloween, Victorian themed party, Steampunk party or Cosplay.

Victorian Hair Tutorial

If you’re going to fancy dress party wearing a Victorian style dress then I’m sure a Victorian hair tutorial might come in useful. This short video shows how to create a curly put-up style on long hair, the model already has long hair but you could always use hair extensions if you wanted. You wont need much more than a pair of heated tongs or curling irons and plenty of hairspray. Have fun 🙂

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