Steampunk Tutorials

We have some really cool Steampunk tutorials for you to get creative with. From makeup tips, costume tricks and some fun craft ideas, you can give a Steampunk makeover to just about anything. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good and with these helpful videos it’s even easier to get your Steampunk character looking just how you want.

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Steampunk Makeup Tutorial

This awesome Steampunk makeup tutorial will show you how to get this look in next to no time. Yeah it’s a bit different than your normal Steampunk look but I think you’ll agree it most definitely looks good.

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How to make a Steampunk Top Hat

A great tutorial showing you how to make a really cool Steampunk Top Hat. Using things which you can probably find lying around the home, this step by step guide is a brilliant way to save money, get creative, and above all have fun. You could even improvise with your own colour scheme and pattern design.

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How To Make Steampunk Brass Goggles

Another brilliant tutorial from Lost Wax, showing you just how easy it is to create your very own Steampunk Brass Goggles. Obviously not real brass, but a great party costume accessory which looks just as good but for a fraction of the cost. Get crafty and invent your own Neo-Victorian style Steampunk goggles.

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Steampunk Mixed Media Journal Cover Tutorial

Ok so not necessarily a costume accessory but the cool thing with Steampunk is the ability to get creative and invent your own props….and who’s to say your Steampunk character doesn’t need to have a gorgeous Steampunk time-travellers journal?! I loved this tutorial, and even if you don’t use it alongside your Steampunk costume it’s a fun craft which you could do anytime.

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Steampunk Skeleton Makeup Tutorial

This creepy makeup tutorial shows you how to recreate an awesome Steampunk Skeleton. Perfect for Halloween, fancy dress parties, cosplay or anything spooky. So get your black and white paint out and get creative with this easy to follow video.

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Steampunk Gas Mask Tutorial

You’ll be ready for the apocalypse in this Steampunk style gas mask….well you wont, but it certainly looks the part. With a few craft items like foam, glue, paint etc you can be wearing your own Steampunk mask in next to no time. You can even experiment with paints to get the perfect match for your Steampunk costume.

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Steampunk Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Create your own Steampunk cuff bracelet out of polymer clay. This easy to follow tutorial shows you how to make an awesome Steampunk cuff bracelet. All you need is a few colours of clay, some basic tools and a little bit of time.

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